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Everything is the Best

Mar 31, 2021

Dr. Aviva Romm grew up in a housing project in Flushing, Queens. She was given a scholarship and admitted to college by the time she was 15, where she studied pre-medicine. Her journey took a more “natural” road, however, and by the time she was 22, Aviva was a practicing midwife, busily attending births while starting her own family. She spent the next 25 years as a midwife and herbalist, taking care of, and learning from, pregnant and birthing women from every walk of life. She wrote seven books based on this knowledge, and she soon became a leader in the fields of natural medicine for women and children. Once her kids were old enough, Aviva went back to school, this time to the Yale School of Medicine so she could combine her less-than-conventional background with her love of science. This woman is a powerhouse and a joy. For legal reasons, we summarized your questions and gave general answers which you hopefully find extremely helpful. Enjoy.

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