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Everything is the Best

Mar 25, 2022

 I found Dr. Casey after googling blood sugar + health on a sleepless night. After much PCOS research, it’s become clear that blood sugar and insulin are vital for understanding the PCOS journey, but my god, did you know its at the root of most major diseases in the country??? Dr. Casey is my favorite kind of doctor, one who practiced medicine until she decided our system is too flawed for her not to make a change. This Standard trained angel is the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Levels - a wearable blood sugar monitor that connects to the app on your phone, allowing you to track your blood sugar spikes in real time, giving  you to have the information you need to make informed decisions for your body. This episode is incredible. Also, sorry about all the medical pod’s in a row, but I get such good feedback on them and my GOD I really feel like I just want to help anyone I can feel as good as possible. 

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