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Everything is the Best

Aug 4, 2021

Colby Rebel Psychic Medium is an International Psychic and Medium, as well as a three time best selling author, certified master spiritual teacher and motivational speaker. I want to preface this episode by saying, THIS ISN'T FOR EVERYONE! I have happened to have enough personal experiences in my life, that I believe we absolutely can tap into the other side. In order to show you her abilities, we start the episode with a reading. Believe what you want, but she knew NOTHING about me before started, she wasn’t even on the emails to coordinate recording. Listen, the goal of this episode, like all of them, is to hopefully leave you with at least one small takeaway that can positively impact your life. So in this episode we discuss how she realized she had this gift, how she was able to turn it into a full time job, and what it must be like talking to thousands and thousands of people, all of which are desperately searching for answers. My reading was intense, so pardon the tears. Enjoy! or BEST at checkout for 20% your first order for a $10 donation to for my absolute favorite weighted blanket 


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