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Everything is the Best

Jun 2, 2021

I love Vanessa. She’s quick, smart, funny and doesn’t fuck around. She received her MS in Marketing at NYU and worked as a Senior Dietitian at Mount Sinai Hospital for five years. She is certified in Adult Weight Management by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  In per private practice, she works with the treatment of GI disorders, weight management, PCOS, and family nutrition. She was named by Essence Magazine as one of the top 5 Black nutritionists that will change the way you think about food, and currently serves as the Dietetic Internship Director at New York University. Vanessa is also the founder of Culina Health, which offers personal nutrition coaching and science based online education - mostly its just the damn mentoring you need to achieve your personal goals in a way thats very specific to you while feeling tons of support. You know I got all the tips and tricks. Enjoy!


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