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Everything is the Best

Sep 10, 2020

At 23, Afton Vechery was working in healthcare and private equity, when she started looking into women’s health and IVF clinics, specifically the unaddressed emotional component and lack of proactive fertility education. After her doctor declined her request to test her hormone levels, Afton had to go a fertility clinic, where she was charged $1,500 for a basic panel. And so began the journey to Modern Fertility, a women’s health company that provides a comprehensive, fertility hormone test you take at home for only $159. They also provide research, education, and support so you can present your doctor with your findings, and can make informed decisions about your life plan, and starting a family. In her research, Afton talked to thousands of women who received misinformation, roadblocks, and conflicting advice while just trying to be proactive about their health. Modern Fertility believes that we all deserve clinically sound information, so we can do what's right for us, whatever that may be. They believe that having a reliable, trusted resource for reproductive health information is a right — not a privilege. You all know I have been struggling my fertility, and specifically, our almost impossible healthcare system, so I am beyond happy to share this information with all of you so you can prevent what I’m going through now. Also, pro tip, Modern Fertility has an ovulation kit that you scan into the app, so you know exactly when you’re ovulating. Genius. Enjoy! with code PIA15 for 15% off your next order! to learn more, drink responsibly!


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