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Everything is the Best

Jan 26, 2022

I’ve wanted to have Richard on the podcast since its genesis but was always too nervous to ask. This is a man who has been running one of the most elite creative agencies for over 15 years, yet grew up in rural Australia on a farm with his parents and twin brother, attending school with only 23 other children. I was a fan before I met him, admiring the campaigns they created, and of course, Flamingo Estate itself. The property popped up one day on a few friends Instagram’s who had been attending elegant events at this large property in Highland Park, filled with magical food and flower arrangements, landscaping I’d never seen, David Hockney’s and a glass house for his bathtub. Then came the products, my GOD the products, followed by the brilliant distribution CSA boxes at the beginning of Covid. He was basically a unicorn to me. Well, that was the tip of the iceberg. We became friends and I quickly realized his journey to California homeowner is filled with stories even more legendary than I could have imaged, filled with grit and glory. Here we are; I’m honored to give you the story of a unicorn and his journey to the Flamingo Estate.


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