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Everything is the Best

Jul 28, 2021

Nicola Kilner is the co-founder and CEO of Deciem, the umbrella of many major skincare brands, including the game-changing The Ordinary. In 2018, the company made global headlines when its founder, Brandon Truaxe, made a barrage of erratic social media posts while suffering from mental health issues, that lead to alcohol, drugs, and ultimately, his untimely death. The empire they had built quickly came crashing down. Nicola knew Brandon was genius, and was determined to continue on with his core mission and rebuild, and rebuild she certainly did. This episode is one of my favorites. We discuss the personal toll of experiencing not only someone you love, but your business partner struggle with mental health so publicly, what she did to rally her employees, why they won’t ever pay influencers, the importance of branding, the vast scale of her responsibilities, and how she does it all while having two daughters. Enjoy! for 10% off your first month

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