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Everything is the Best

Apr 22, 2020

Evan Funke is a legend. He is a man fixated on perfection. A two time James Beard nominated chef with arguably one of the best Italian restaurants in the U.S., Felix Trattoria.  With over two decades of culinary experience, including working for Wolfgang puck and a quick stint as a teacher, Evan took a job he despised working under a chef from Bologna, who refused to teach him about his Italian cooking. So, he quit, bought a plane ticket, and moved to the Italian City for three months, learning from the iconic Maestra Alessandra how to make pasta. And so began the obsession – the shapes, the culture, the history….it came his life’s work. We talk about what it was like to opening his dream restaurant, and how hard it was to close it after realizing his partner was a con-man and how to rise from the darkness and get back up again. I am beyond honored to have him on the podcast – this story is one of resilience, dedication and faith. Don’t forget to stay tuned to the end of the podcast to hear Davide and I answer your relationship questions.

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