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Everything is the Best

Oct 21, 2020

Ariel Kaye grew up in Santa Monica, CA, and moved to NY to attend college. After ten years of work experience, Ariel was itching for something more. One day while shopping for sheets, she realized she was surrounded by the same plastic packaging and a bunch of unidentifiable brands, most of which had sheets covered with synthetics and chemicals.  So came the “ah ha” moment; most people knew where they bought their sheets but not the brand - there was no brand/customer connection. As someone who had spent her career building that connection in her years in advertising, Ariel knew it was an opportunity she had to take. So, she took some money out of her savings, and flew to Europe in search of a factory.  She learned about craftsmanship, got some pricing, and came back home ready to disrupt the industry. She spent a year developing the brand, raising small amounts from friends and family, and launched Parachute in January 2014. In this episode, we discuss her creative process, the importance of the feeling of “home”, how she raised over 40 million, juggling being a momma and business owner as well as Parachute’s next steps. It’s a great conversation you don’t want to miss. Stay tuned to the end of the pod, where Davide and I answer your relationship questions.  with code BEST for 20% off your order of Woo Vibez today!  with code PIA15 fo 15% off your first order!  to get your starter kit for $9 plus Free Shipping!


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