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Everything is the Best

Apr 29, 2020

For those who don’t know, Heather McMahan is an actress, podcast host and comedian, sparking all the joy for all her followers on Instagram. Heather started posting videos of some of her characters and impressions years ago, but when iInsta-stories came out and we got a glimpse of her everyday life, well it was a wrap, we all fell in love. In today’s podcast, it was important to me to really share her journey, so we talk about the odd jobs that paid her rent, including working at a sports bar and soul cycle, how Insta-stories help propel her career, and we bond over the shared loss of our fathers, and importance of family. Stay tuned to the end of the podcast, where Davide and I, one again, answer your relationship questions.

Listen to Heather McMahan's pod, Absolutely Not!

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