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Everything is the Best

Jan 14, 2022

I met Ramona “Mones” 15 years ago. I looked at her like she was a god. For years we ran around New York, and as I grew up, Mones was always around lightly, or harshly, guiding me along the way. Five years ago she left a very high profile job out of nowhere, moved to Hawaii, and become a healer and astrologer. Years of hard, hard work and childhood trauma had caught up to her, and now she wants to use that experience to help us all live our best lives. In this episode she reads my chart, along with Davide and Carmela's. This practice is fascinating- it gives you the tools to understand yourself and your family deeper, so you can learn to navigate the needs and boundaries your loved ones need to thrive. Mones can use your chart to help you navigate through relationships, your career, a tough time in your life…anything! For a limited time 1-month post-launch of the podcast, your listeners can get $25 off readings. Down from $150
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