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Everything is the Best

Mar 10, 2021

Emmett Shine is the CCO and co-founder of Pattern, a family of brands that work together to bring ease and joy to everyday life. I met Emmett in my early 20’s in New York, where we were both a part of a very fun, very debaucheries scene during the night, and in some of the same meetings during the day. At the time he had just founded Gin Lane, which built digital platforms for a new wave of direct to consumer brands like sweetgreen, Quip, Sunday Goods, Hims and Recess. After 11 years, Emmett realized he could build the platform as well as the product, and Pattern was born. I’ve always admired Emmett’s ability to be the most fun and most professional, so we talk a lot about that. We touch on what is was like to be in NY during this new creative digital wave, how his Danish girlfriend inspires how his customers interact with their products, how to transition from being a young creative to businesses minded adult and much more.  for $20 off your test  for 20% off your first order

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