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Everything is the Best

Oct 28, 2020

Monica Berg is an inspiration to say the least. She’s a wife, mother of four, speaker, author, counselor and teacher. During a battle with anorexia at a young age, Monica realized the power and change and taking control. What really struck me about our conversation was her extremely clear sense of self. You can tell she’s done the “work” and that it has in fact, worked. So we talk about what the work looks like; what is was dealing with the diagnosis of her special needs child, how she creates time for herself, and techniques for journaling and changing your negative self talk. We also deep dive into fear, intuition, and the importance of change, and theres a lot of great relationship advice in there as well. I also ask her how she implements her practices into her children’s life, and how they deal with conflict with their kids and with each other. The goal here is to let you know you have the power to achieve the life you desire. This woman is so grounded, and speaks with such gentle power - I really hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed the conversation. with code PIA15 to get 15% off your first order! to get $20 off your test!


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