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Everything is the Best

Jul 1, 2020

In July 2016, Annafi Wahed left her corporate job in NYC to campaign for Democratic party candidates in New Hampshire. Walking door to door, she saw firsthand how even next-door neighbors could be completely isolated from one another by the news they consume. In the months following the election, as talk of "fake news" and filter bubbles became commonplace, Annafi set out to create a shared news source in a world of a billion news feeds. Fast forward, The Flip Side was born, a free website, Instagram and daily email subscription service that provides your daily digest of the best op-eds and analyses from liberal and conservative media. Everyday, you wake up, open your email, and there is a fact checked, detail oriented breakdown of current events as viewed by the left, and the right. It’s brilliant. Annafi’s op-eds have been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, and USA Today. Her public appearances include everything from Fox & Friends and The Young Turks to academic panels and podcasts. This is truly one of the most wonderful political conversations I’ve had in a long time. Annafi is painfully intelligent, wildly informed and extremely graceful. Here’s to hoping this inspires more dialogue and civil discourse without trying to kill each. Check out her newsletter, The Flip Side, here.

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