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Everything is the Best

Aug 12, 2020

Zaid Gayle is the co-founder of Peace4Kids, a non-profit, volunteer supported organization based on trust, equity and stability for children in foster care. I found out about the program from Instagram, after asking my audience how I can get involved in the foster care community. I was sent their profile by the hundreds, and quickly realized this was a uniquely special place. Peace4Kids listens, rather than teaches. They use volunteers, so the kids have an adult who has chosen them, rather than gets paid to be there. They work on building trusting relationships within their community of peers and adults who have experienced similar traumas, so they can reduce the likelihood of being re-traumatized, especially by adults who are not equipped to deal with the extreme behaviors and actions of a child who does not trust.  The youth learn to take ownership of their history which empowers them to determine its impact on their lives. Incredible programs, wildly successful individuals and even legislation has come out of this program. Please go follow @peace4kids on Instagram, considering donating and share this podcast - there is a lot of valuable information in here about empathy, systemic racism and the important role listening plays in changing lives. for 20% off your first order!!!

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