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Everything is the Best

Dec 16, 2020

Alisa Vitti is my go to for most things having to do with my body, including getting pregnant. Considering she knows more about the female form than most, I thought we’d have her back and discuss something a bit more fun, like orgasms. In this episode, we discuss the four stages of female arousal, why it’s so incredibly important not to rush your orgasm and the incredible health benefits. Most importantly, we discuss the average person’s warped perception of what sex actually is and guess what? You probably have it wrong. This conversation lifted so many insecurities for me, and once again, made me realize that the information I’ve been fed most my life had been just completely wrong. Enjoy my darlings. for 20% off your first purchase plus Free Shipping on all orders. for 20% off your next purchase. for 15% off plus Free Shipping.


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