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Everything is the Best

Dec 23, 2020

Jesse is the very hilarious founder of all the “Overheard” Instagram accounts, you know, Overheard LA, Overheard New York, Overheard Bumble, so on and so forth. Like many of us, his path was unconventional and his success came after some failures. I really love what Jesse does because he really has taken an internet road less traveled. Most satirical accounts get as big as possible, start running huge ad’s quickly and often, and while still hilarious, lose a bit of heart. The Overheard accounts, however, are extremely thoughtful, maintain decorum, and have very smart, strategic partnerships. You can tell there is a lot of thought, a lot of hard work and a great deal of consideration in the direction of the brand. It’s truly for the love of a comedy. We discuss this in depth, as well as what the deeper meaning might actually be to all cleanses, shamans and supplement quotes we get so much joy out of seeing on our phones everyday. Enjoy!


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