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Everything is the Best

May 27, 2022

Nikki Bostwick embarked on a personal health journey, like many of us, to discover better to feel better. But this journey eventually lead her to a place of deprivation, the opposite of what she had intended. Nikki realized she needed a middle ground, so she founded The Fullest - a contemporary publication, print and digital, to discusses topics ranging from big Pharma to finances, to travel and pop culture, but also containing a lot of findings on this never ending health journey. Fast forward, The Fullest has a range of incredibly powerful products, many of them featuring Saffron, to help elevate mood and increase focus. In this episode we discuss how The Fullest started, how she started using Saffron, why it's so useful, and much more. 
They're so grateful for the extra love! They wanted me to let you know you can share the code Pia20 with your followers for 20% off THE FULLEST Shop.

They also wanted me to share studies about saffron below:

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