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Everything is the Best

Jul 14, 2021

In early 2019, Victoria’s daughter was born with a cleft lip, without having any common risk factors or genetic link. She and her OB/GYN, were shocked to learn this type of cleft was associated with a folic acid deficiency, which was especially surprising, considering that Victoria had been taking a prenatal she trusted. It turns out, about 40 to 60 percent of women have a common genetic mutation, the MTHFR variant, which prevents them from converting folic acid into folate, the usable format, and an increase in folate intake during the first four to seven weeks of pregnancy are crucial to a healthy pregnancy. Meanwhile, her good friend Alex, a content expert and self-proclaimed wellness buff, spent hours pouring over resources to learn the importance of adjusting her vitamins as she moved through each phase of her pregnancy. She was doing her own research and buying supplements on her own - a haphazard, time-consuming and expensive approach. The two realized there needed to be a solution. They pulled together a team of leading multidisciplinary doctors and practitioners in pre and postnatal health and BOOM - Perelel was born. We discuss the emotional toll of pregnancy and birth, how so many areas of pre and post natal care are flawed, mom guilt, and much more.


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