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Everything is the Best

Jul 15, 2020

Nick Axelrod-Welk and Annie Kreighbaum are two beauty editors who have a new podcast, Eye Witness Beauty, featuring interviews with experts on ALL thing’s beauty – including food, medical advice, work-outs, treatments and more. When I worked at People’s Revolution as an assistant, Nick was at was an editor at WWD and later Elle, who I would send samples to. He then become the editor of Into the Gloss, and three years ago founded clean beauty brand Necessaire. Annie, who was a freelance beauty writer, was hired by Nick year ago as a writer and editor for Into the Gloss. She eventually became a creative at Glossier, and we met because she cast me for the Body Hero Campaign a few years ago. In today’s episode, we talk about their journeys into the beauty world, waxing, their favorite “products” and how to gracefully use your past experience and knowledge to transition your career to the next phase. for 20% off your order

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