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Everything is the Best

Jun 24, 2020

Sarah Yeomans is an archaeologist specializing in the Imperial period of the Roman Empire with a particular emphasis on ancient science and religion. Currently pursuing her doctorate at the University of Southern California, she also consults on educational programming at the Biblical Archaeology Society in Washington D.C. and is adjunct faculty at both St. Mary’s College of Maryland and West Virginia University. A native Californian, Sarah holds a M.A. in Archaeology from the University of Sheffield, England and a M.A. in Art History from the University of Southern California. She has conducted archaeological fieldwork in Israel, Italy, Turkey, France and England and has worked on several television and film productions, most recently as an interviewed expert on “The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.” She is a Provost Fellow at the University of Southern California, and is the recipient of a Research Fellowship from the American Research Institute of Turkey (ARIT) as well as a Mayers Fellowship at the Huntington Library and Museum in Los Angeles. Her current research involves ancient Roman medical technology and cult, as well as the impact of pandemic events on Roman society. She is generally happiest when covered in dirt, roaming archaeological sites somewhere in the Mediterranean region. I couldn’t imagine a better human to discuss our current pandemic with, considering she knows every detail about every pandemic in human history. We talk about the similarities of pandemics within the context of society, government and agriculture and how our current pandemic is much different than those of past (and by the way, conspiracy theorists have been around since the dawn of time). I learned a great deal about the role of climate change and other critical environmental factors, how pandemics are inevitable, the role of fear and how people’s reactions often create more damage and that it’s ok to feel scared, depressed and listless. We also touched on what’s living in the permafrost and how incredibly vital it is we stop our planet from warming. The beautiful thing is that be also discussed what happens next; how our knowledge of the past will propel us gracefully into the future and that we have a brilliant opportunity to see what our society is lacking and demand change. The common denominator is always the same, don’t be an ass hole, lead with grace, and VOTE! especially in local elections. for 20% off your first order!

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