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Everything is the Best

Feb 25, 2022

Iskra is a bright light. She’s a humble, charming, model, momma and entrepreneur and in this episode she tells the truly incredible story of how she came to be a model, the hardships of pregnancy, and what drove her to start her new body care brand, Saltair. This is a good one. Enjoy!


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Feb 18, 2022

 I’ve known Marianna Hewitt for almost six years, and have been so incredibly impressed with everything she does. Her life seems so intentional, practical, beautiful and really damn organized. So I thought I’d find out how Marianna came to find herself as such a successful influencer and business owner, and ask her...

Feb 16, 2022

This week we discuss trying to find quality time with crazy schedules, knowing someone isn’t the one but being too scared to leave, strip clubs and much more. 


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Feb 9, 2022

Devin Brugman is an influencer, model and co-founder of Monday Swimwear. I’ve been in this world of fashion/instagram PR you know, for a long time and there are times when you meet someone that is just a damn fresh breath of air - that’s Devin. Raised in one of my favorite towns in the world Paia, Maui, Devin made...

Feb 5, 2022

Coming to you with a another solo episode. In this episode I discuss how sober January went, my thoughts on drinking moving forward, and I answer a lot of your questions, like advice for moving to New York from the West Coast, what it was like getting a boob job, and of course always some relationship...