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Everything is the Best

Aug 5, 2020

Kristen Noel Crawley is an icon. She’s is a jewelry designer, gallery owner, and founder of KNC beauty, (you know, those charming lip and under eye masks you see on every human on Instagram) and now runs the KNC School of Beauty which provides the information necessary for people to start their own businesses. Kristen grew up in Chicago, and eventually made her way to Los Angeles with her husband and two young boys. Her fascination with beauty products and willingness to share her finds, lead her to become an Elle magazine contributing beauty editor. After coming across lip masks on a trip to Tokyo, she realized the masks tasted horrible and were filled with toxins. Fast forward, KNC Beauty was born. We talk beauty (duh), the importance of networking, her journey, why she started the school of beauty and a lot of other funny shit you don’t want to miss.

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