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Everything is the Best

Jan 21, 2022

 First Q&A of 2022 baby! We laugh about how bad I smell from the products I'm using, and answer some tough questions and topics like how not to rush into a relationship because of your age, how to enjoy being single, having your best friends brother ghost you. We discuss something fascinating we noticed is a...

Jan 14, 2022

I met Ramona “Mones” 15 years ago. I looked at her like she was a god. For years we ran around New York, and as I grew up, Mones was always around lightly, or harshly, guiding me along the way. Five years ago she left a very high profile job out of nowhere, moved to Hawaii, and become a healer and astrologer....

Jan 5, 2022

Well I’m not drinking, so I explain why. I ramble about New Year’s, what I’m doing to increase productivity and I answer some of your questions, including tips to love your pregnant body and mental health practices!


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Dec 29, 2021

The theme this week, very accidentally, was balancing careers and relationships. We had a couple really heartbreaking questions and some conflicting advice - a lot of the bander you have hopefully learned to love from us. Thanks for writing in!


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Dec 22, 2021

My thoughts on knowing when someone is your “person” (I ramble for 15 minutes about this), how to deal with a shitty boss, what my day to day is like and a break down of my siblings (which I never talk about).


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